Creating Artistic Homes

It might seem that people who spend their days creating beautiful pieces of art would want to go home to a house that is plain, but it would be very far from the truth. Those who look at life as a collection of colours and textures tend to surround themselves with things that catch the eye and excite their sense of touch.

They live their careers in a way that many others do not, so compartmentalising their home life from their work life is nearly impossible for them.

Life with colour

For those who concentrate their artistry around the presentation of visions in colour, going home to a house with neutral walls and a lack of d├ęcor would be a difficult way to live. Those who paint might start off with a blank canvas, but they look at it and see how to create something by adding colour to it.

There should be little wonder that their lives are filled with colour, and a neutral wall is simply another canvas for them to fill. Decoration is something they need in their life, so many of them begin with painting the walls or covering them with art.

Textures feel right

Artists who work mainly in areas where texture is important are keyed in strongly to the feel of objects, so they are always experiencing creativity when they touch items. For them, a smooth object might hold a great deal of meaning, and shaping it with different textures is a way to enhance it.

Their walls might be covered with silk tapestries, wool or jute wall hangings and even soft fur pieces they can touch when the mood to experience texture strikes them.

Sharing the texture and colour

Sharing life with friends and family is another facet of life for people who make their living creating beauty art objects, and they would naturally want to do it with textures and colours that have meaning for them.

Rather than a plain white dish set, fine bone china with its magical translucent properties is more in keeping with their artistic vision. Colours come from the patterns on the set, and Wedgwood understands how a beautiful pattern can enhance the experience of dining with loved ones.

Unique intricate designs

Elevate your dining experience by adding stylish and unique dinnerware to your collection. With the use of underglaze decals and metallic effect decals, you have the ability to customize your dinnerware like never before.

Underglaze decals are applied directly to the ceramic piece and fired in the kiln, resulting in a permanent transfer of the design.

Whereas metallic effect decals provide a shiny, reflective finish that adds a touch of luxury to your plates, cups, and bowls. Whether you prefer bold patterns or intricate designs, incorporating decal technology is an easy way to transform your dinnerware into pieces of art. Plus, since each piece is uniquely decorated, it adds a touch of personality to your dining table.

So why settle for plain, everyday dinnerware when you can have a customised and stylish collection?

A new elegant look

If you're looking to spruce up your home with some stylish and unique glassware, hot foil and organic decals are the way to go.

Hot foil decals are created by using a heat press to stamp metallic foil onto the glass, resulting in an eye-catching and elegant look.

Organic decals, on the other hand, are created using natural plant dyes and can offer a more earthy and rustic feel to your glassware. Both options allow for endless customisation and creativity, and can add a touch of personality to any home.

So why not experiment with different designs and techniques to create your own bespoke glassware?

Enhancing Life

While artists are as normal as anyone else in the world, they do spend their professional time enhancing the lives of others. Making their own life better with textures and colours is just part of their personality, and they do it with a great deal of style and flair. The objects in their home reflect their professional ideals and preferences.

Artists in any discipline have a common connection in their ability to create beauty, and many of them share the same attributes when it comes to turning their house into a home. They surround themselves with different colours and textures so they can continue to appreciate their world, and use it as a way to feel the rightness of their work.

Whether it is decorating a room or serving a meal, they include their own brand of art in nearly everything they do.